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in New Zealand. we've had prepay wap and internet access over cdma or gprs since.. i dunno.. late nineties....
Charges are horribly high - about $50/Mbyte. So having a prepay means you stop when you run out of funds, instead of accidently creating a several hundred dollar bill.


Vodafone UK recently announced a data pricing scheme: http://www.vodafone.co.uk/datapricing Their pricing model is rather complex as it excludes VoIP and peer-to-peer usage from the cheapest rate.

I believe it has been thoroughly discussed that complex pricing models are the main inhibitor for the uptake of wireless data usage. And especially in light of the above mentioned models, I assume that the Vodafone one will not be very successful.

Last not least I find it rather difficult from a technical point of view to differentiate the two usage patterns in their billing post processing.

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