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Evert Bopp

Is this not a bit like creating a Wimax Mesh?



Hey Evert,

yeah, it's a bit like Mesh but it sounds like it's not self organizing. If I remember right there was sort of a Mesh approach already in the first version of the WiMAX spec before 802.16e was born which also included CPE's. Looks like this approach now is only for base stations and geared towards making sure mobility features are also supported across base station nodes which use a WiMAX backhaul link.




Yes, almost true 8). I'm currently working in this standardization process at Siemens. There are different kinds of relays, and here you talk about range extension fixed ones.

There're also throughput enhancement relays that are placed in the cell, where the coverage is poor and as result only low bit-rate modulations like QPSK can be guaranteed. Relays increase signal so that 64QAM is used and as result higher data rates are achieved. In average in such systems bandwidth can be utilized even more eficciently than in one-hop transmissions, depending on how smart the deployment is done 8)

Paolo Favaro

HI All! I find quite interesting this discussion regarding the future enhancements introduced with .16j amendment. Could someone, please, suggest some useful links where to find status of current implementations as well as some good tutorial regarding the multi-hop relay tech itself?

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