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Chris Vail

This article (http://trolltech.com/company/newsroom/announcements/press.2008-01-28.4605718236) talks about a parallel open source Nokia effort. I am a newbie on Maemo, and from what I understand there are non-open parts of Maemo that are not likely to change in the future.

Stefan Constantinescu

Maemo is open to third party vendors as far as I know, but to flip the conversation over, what is to stop people from taking Android and making a MID or ultra small laptop?

Same chips after all.

Tsahi Levent-Levi

It is a "nice to have" thing that they should have done a long time ago.
Now it might be too late...
iPhone has its own SDK, even if somewhat limited - it has been craved for by developers.
Google has Android, which fits a larger audience with multiple handset vendors working on it.
Intel is working on the MID, which is not a threat at the moment but might become one in 2 years or so.

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