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Oh, yes! The Fritz!Boxes are great little things. I would recommend you this great resource http://www.wehavemorefun.de , which is a kind of open community for the software that AVM puts in there. You can enable telnet on your box by simply dialing some sequence. Then you have even more power over that BusyBox.

On traffic shaping I love it because it adapts the limits directly to what is obtained from the DSL link.

Then I am pretty happy with the SIP and telephony capabilities that it has. I always wanted to have a home asterisk server, but so many things are done inside the Fritz!Box that I could never motivate the extra expense (e.g. answering machine and fax machine with redirect to email, call forwarding, parallel ring, call-through, etc). I will try soon though to use it with netcapi to send SMS over the fixed line and use it as a TA - I googled a little and it seems possible.


Seems that I have incorrectly assumed that the first page of that site would link to the wiki hosted there... well, here it is anyway: http://www.wehavemorefun.de/fritzbox/Main_Page

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