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Dan Iordanescu

I communicate with other IM people exactly like you. As you say, it's not as intrusive as a phone call, but it's still instantaneous. It's a great communication tool and Skype is by far the best from all I've tried. For a fully private, serverless, encrypted IM application look at WASTE, http://sourceforge.net/projects/waste.
Communication with non-IM people is a bit more difficult. I call them on the mobile (apologising for the intrusion); if there is no answer, I send an SMS writing who I am, what I'm calling about and asking to get a call back or a time when I can call again. If it's important, I also send an email and in the SMS I say that I've sent an email.
While moving, I use Fring (only the Skype client) on a Nokia E61. It has always worked great both the IM and the voice calls. Voice call quality and delay depend on RF signal strength. I only used it on 3G/UMTS, never tried it on EDGE or GPRS. The problem is I can't do IM while driving. We need text to speech and speech to text converters. I hear they're coming, right? :-)
Thanks for a great and friendly blog.


Fully agree. IM has been the mode of operation for many years now for me. It is asynchronous as you say and it allows you to have many conversations at once.

I cannot imagine going back to life without IM

Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

I like YehBA* Mobile Instant messages, now i am addicted to that :D

C. Enrique Ortiz

after getting my android g1, i see myself using IM on the phone, as it is easily available. and i also find myself using email quite a bit, as often as texting, if not more. the secret to using different communication means is ease of use, availability and good integration.

Tsahi Levent-Levi

When I can IM prior to calling I prefer doing just that. It makes more sense and it does cut down on the amount of calls I make, but it is still not the way I communicate with most people.
And I can't get myself to use mobile IM. SMS is "bad enough" on a regular phone :-)

dominic hayes

As you say, IM is a useful gap-filler between email and phone calls. It's also interesting that its langauge is in a different tone to the others, and again different from the other intermediary, SMS. As a blackberry user the inbuilt BB messenger is a very useful way for me to contact other BB users, eg colleagues. I have used the Windows Live version too, which mostly works, but I get far too many spam messages for it to be useful when mobile (as opposed to nomadic). I use IM (and other data applications) far more than voice these days. I also prefer IM as it's less of an 'overhead' on my bill each month!

Stefan Constantinescu

SMS for me, sorry. Don't like the fact that multiple people use multiple networks and if they are not on then I know my message isn't going to be available.

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