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I agree. I know one person who stays on dial-up as their monthly data usage is very light and not worth the $30 dollars per month for DSL or WBB.
If the Australian carriers offered 12 month data expiry, this customer would buy the prepaid wireless and I'd bet any money their monthly data usage would increase with the higher bandwidth available compared to dialup and hence the top-up would occur more often.
As it is, the 30 day expiry on data usage is a big turn off for the low volume users.

R Barr

I would love to see a US carrier offer a prepaid data service.

There are cases where one carrier's 3G signal (or even 2.5G signal now that I think about it) is not available in a given area. As a frequent domestic traveler I would consider ponying up a few dollars to make use of another carrier's data connectivity for a short while.

I wonder what the new Gobi technology from Qualcomm will mean to this market with regards to the ability to morph a device from CDMA to GSM via software. (At least this is important in the USA. Not sure about the rest of the world which is GSM).

Sign me up in any event.

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