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Ricky Cadden

I know I'd use it, without question.


Hi there

I woudl think with some tweaking you could get this for free using Asterisk, not sure but i m asuming if can send sms by command (and you can) and you can receive them (http://www.ozekisms.com/SMS_email_gateway/index.php?owpn=319)
then you should eb able to. havent tryed this yet tho. Cheers



I guess we in Malaysia (at least those using Maxis Mobile) are luckier :-)

I am using Message Plus service which offers these functions :
1) Auto-reply (great for telling senders that I am travelling & can be reached on alternate line)
2) Blacklisting
3) Copying (=forwarding)

All these can be configured based on A-party number.

The only limitation is that it only works for sms originated from Maxis network, although the Auto-reply/Copying can be sent to any other mobile (including international numbers).

Paul Duggan

Yes, yes, yes. I carry five mobiles and it is an absolute pain not being able to forward SMS.

I completely agree that operators should enable the feature. As you say, the business case is a no brainer.

Interesting to see Maxis is already providing the service. I've always found that Asian operators are way ahead of their European counterparts in providing value-added services.

Christian von der Ropp

I think operators face technical problems that hindered them from forwarding SMS, since header information would be lost and would therefore need to be faked (original sender's #, which again could cause legal problems).
3GPP 23.040, section defines an alternative reply-address-element, which would allow forwarding including the original sender's #, but I doubt a lot of handsets support that.
For now the only feasible way of SMS forwarding is by eMail. By far not that comfortable as we would like it, but better than nothing.

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