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Very interesting post Martin.

And does this mean than in LTE we will be using MSC for CS calls or Volga gateway is just to provide roaming between UMTS/GSM and LTE?


Hi Santosh,

Concerning the VOLGA question, just follow the link in the post for further details on how that works.



This is a great summary of MSC evolution, thanks a lot. Could you please add the 3GPP standards that specify these features?

Are they discussed in your book?


Hi Arvind,

There are lots of standards documents on the topic, so pick one to start with :-)

Examples: Start with taking a look look at H.248 and 3GPP TS 29.232 for the Mc interface, at the Nb Interface in 3GPP TS 29.414 and 29.415, IP specific stuff in Q.1970 and Q.1990, at the Nc interface Q.1902, etc. etc. Then there is SIGTRAN, SCTP, M3UA, etc., etc.

So far I am only treating the topic very lightly in my books.

Kind regards,

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