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Andrew Grill

Martin, a much simpler way - and one proposed by an Ambulance worker in Australia some years ago....

Just make a contact in your phone address book called ICE - and put your next of kin information there.

In Case of Emergency, the paramedics or Police simply look in your phone for the ICE entry - you can do this now - no need for standards!

Everyone reading this post should put their next of kin in their phone as ICE.

Andrew Grill


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the comment!

The ICE entry in the address book is a great idea for English speaking countries.

However, in most non-English speaking countries, people have never heard of it and the abbreviation would be quite different.

So I think standardizing the feature is a very worthwhile and useful project so it works the same everywhere and people can roam from / to non-English speaking countries and emergency care workers can still detect their emergency information.

Also from a handling point of view the "***" to get to the information is straight forward. No need to figure out how to unlock the phone, no need to figure out how the address book works, ICE information is even available before the PIN is typed in (if I remember right).

But, it will take many years before (hopefully) a critical mass is reached.


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