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Umesh Chandra


We currently do have the voice conference capability. THe way it works is during the conference creation phase you supply the access number and conference-id and/or PIN. Then during the conference on the conference page, you just have to click on the voice call button and it directly dials you into the conference. One click to join the conference. Of course Nokia doesnt provide the conference bridge and for now you have to use your own bridge.

Umesh Chandra
(Easy meet team)

Bob Syputa

This is certainly an exciting class of application if it is developed to fulfill the concept that quickly springs into mind starting with very easy video as well as voice conferencing ruled by rules for levels of participants.
Of course, this type of capability has broad application to vertical data mining plus collaboration as well as general conferencing.

How will this be offered, as an app for Nokia-only or Symbian only or OVI web portal based for open access?

Umesh Chandra

We currently support not only Nokia devices but some of the other devices like iPhone/gPhone/BB-storm. We would keep the same going forward.

Umesh Chandra
(Easy Meet team)

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