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Bob Syputa

Very nice presentation Martin.

Perhaps the way we look at the wireless network should change:

Its commonly put in terms as a separate network with the connection to other networks through back haul. That is as if the 'rest of the network' is a necessary evil rather than the integral part of overall ICT development.

Both the IT/PC/Internet industry and the 'mobile' industry need to come to grips that both worlds are increasingly important to the other.

Back haul and femtocells are significant developments that are barriers and opportunities to building networks to deliver services. But these are pieces of the broader puzzle that is being crafted in wireless and wired network standards and commercial developments... they both go hand in hand as enablers of broadband and unified connectivity solutions.

For example, cloud computing would not be feasible if not an outcrop of development in wired networks. That both presents an exciting but also disruptive element of evolution to wireless networks and a counterpoint opportunity for Internet, IT industry participants.

While commercial rivalries often result in elaboration of differences, it would be folly not to seek synergies and opportunities from all aspects of development.

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