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Anil R.

I think that dual mode TDD and HD-FDD (half duplex FDD) is more likely from a device point of view, which would support global roaming in China/Europe/U.S., as long as the FDD network deployments account for the limitations of the HD-FDD devices.

David Boettger

The lower TDD band in China is 1880-1920 MHz, which is aligned with the WRC allocations but extends 20 MHz lower than WRC. The upper band is 2010-2025 MHz -- identical to WRC. 2300-2400 MHz is also designated for TDD expansion.

Recall, though, that only China Mobile is using TD-SCDMA, so it's somewhat imprecise to think of "China" as using TDD.


Lead European operators are not thinking about TDD as this moment. From a terminal point of view making a dual mode device may not make much economical sense - the demand isn't high enough to drive a good ecosystem.

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