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Global frequency bands is as elusive as a global Government. In its absence, having a global cellular system either defacto or dejure is the next best thing :). An idea could be just as we have in the base station a baseband part and radio part, why not have a common baseband part in the devices with interchangeable radio part for specific frequencies. :). It could solve lot of issues with regard to roaming etc.

Petrut Dogaru

What about training for LTE.Do you know any courses that are good?


The TDD/FDD story is interesting but several of the large chipset vendors have committed dual-mode FDD and TDD chipsets, see the announcements at MWC and the adjacent event for TDD-LTE held by CMCC, Vodafone and VzW.

The momentum behind TDD is increasing and could be an interesting evolution as current TDD spectrum in for example Europe might not be commercially viable to use for WiMAX but a TDD-LTE Data only network might be commercially viable given the economy of scale of LTE compared to WiMAX.


I do agree with Martin's point. Maybe after some time, DD band might become the global LTE band (however is quite different for Region 1 and Region 2 and Asia, so this makes things more complicated)

I see it this way: Most LTE commitments so far will be deployed in the 2.6 and digital dividend band. GSM/UMTS bands will be used gradually when migrating users to LTE, so i think that at the beginning a couple of bands should be supported. After the market is more mature and clear, common G/U/L band combinations will arise for mobile devices.

I have faith that, as LTE market matures, advances in technologies like SDR, Cognitive Radio and configurable RF for mobile devices will help enabling roaming and global services.


Hi Petrut,

Ajit Jaokar and I will do one at the University of Oxford in December. If you can wait that long, it might be worth considering... :-)

Kind regards,

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