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Laurent Perche

Alcatel-Lucent is currently promoting a solution that was invented in Bell Labs called Wireless Network Guardian (WNG) that is solving the exact issue you are referring too.
You can find further info at http://bit.ly/kDRQx

Szymon Slupik

Martin, do you have an idea how such signaling works in UMA? I have UMA setup at home, with BlackBerry terminal logging on to the Orange.PL network via my WiFi/DSL line. It works flawlessly and does not drain the battery... which is kind of a surprise for me, as the phone has to stay permanently connected to the WiFi AP.


Hi Szymon,

good question, things are quite different in Wi-Fi compared to cellular. I'll put my thoughts in a follow up post in the next couple of days.


Sharon Rozov

Hi Martin,
What is the applicability of the ECM Idle mode in the presence of such applications that keep the UE active all the time?


Hi Sharon,

I guess you won't see a lot of ECM idle for devices that act this way. But as I said in the post, I am sure applications will be optimized over time to extend battery life and thus won't send signaling messages that often. Well, hopefully :-)


Dan Iordanescu

Hi Martin and Everybody else,

I'm sorry for not letting this go, but I thought that since we got this far, better clear it completely.

First, the Alcatel-Lucent 9900 WNG doesn't solve the problem, it only brings it up, it works as a very smart sniffer. Is that right?

Second, what it doesn't make sense to me is that one of the culprits mentioned in Martin's link to generate this behaviour is mobile email. I thought that mobile email is a "push" protocol (such as Blackberry), not a "poll" protocol (such as POP3). If there is no regular, "keep-alive", type of packet traffic on the wireless interface then why would this wasteful behaviour be noted when using mobile email?

Mr. Martin, would you have one last go at this and then I promisse I'll let it die. :-)

Your explanation is well understood, that any protocols using short "keep-alive" (such as SIP Skype, IM etc) packets every now and then is wasteful on the battery and the air interface.


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