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What is your opinion on the big disadvantage on VoLGA of requiring dedicated terminals?

T-Mobile is the only operator supporting Volga. 3GPP is not supporting it. VoLGA would further delay IMS deployment (it would be yet another reason to not deploy IMS).

Only time will show what is going to happen, but it seems to me that 3GPP will not accept Volga, neither other operators for the reason that too many believe that the disadvantages of VoLGA are bigger than the advantages.


Hello Davide,

Thanks for your comment! I think voice over LTE is a tricky thing, both technically and from an operator expectation point of view. I would have much preferred a single solution that "just works well" like in GSM and UMTS. Unfortunately it hasn't happened so I guess now the next best thing kicks in: competition. Some call it fracturization, which has already happened before VOLGA, but I can see a positive spin in this so so I don't like the word. As you say, only time will tell what is going to happen. I think to have a choice will help to ensure there is a good solution for voice over LTE in the future.

Kind regards,


hi, what is the list of ip in TFT? Can some body tell IP address of what ? UE have just one ip address



I guess by TFT you mean the traffic flow template? Here's some more background info that might help:





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