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Christian von der Ropp

When looking at those giant test terminals with an apparently enormous power consumption, I wonder how much more computing power LTE terminals need compared to UMTS ones?
And how much more computing power does UMTS require compared to GSM?
Will there be a significant impact on standby-endurance of LTE handsets like we saw on first-generation UMTS devices, which worked for less than 2 days?


Hi Christian,

All good questions!

LG has LTE mobiles the size of 3G dongles these days as shortly mentioned in the post. So form size wise, we seem to be quite close to the first generation now. Looking back, UMTS and GSM mobile devices looked quite similar during advanced trials in their days.

In terms of processing speed required for LTE I think it is significantly more than pure GSM, which is, compared to UMTS or LTE really child's play for current technology. How much more than UMTS, I can't say except that UTMS and HSPA on top are no simple critters either and require significant processing power :-)


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