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Dimitris Mavrakis

Hi Martin,
I don't know what the white paper you refer to describes, but it would be possible to adjust the scheduler in the base station to degrade the performance of heavy users in the MAC layer.
As far as I know, each vendor has implemented a scheduler with proprietary extensions so operators can have the option to turn traffic shaping on directly on the base station.

However, BTSs can be more advanced than that and may do traffic shaping in higher layers.

I'd love to hear about this from a vendor directly.


Huawei have some specific algorithms to throttle in the RAN based on ARP values... Don't know more details unfortunately...

Gabriel Brown

So far as I understand this (not well enough, obviously) there's a big difference between vendor support, which is now coming from Ericsson, and how the capability can be used in commercial networks.

The next challenge appears to be working out the practical implmentation and defining use cases and commercial models where it makes sense.

All that said, it seems a logical direction to go in.

I wonder when we'll see the first live operators?



Do you have the link to the paper?


Throttling at the base station only makes sense imho for upstream traffic, i.e. close to the point where data enters the network. Otherwise a lot of resources in the core network already have been wasted. For downstream traffic a logical point for throttling or even blocking traffic would be a gateway node (e.g. GGSN). I think implementing such function for traffic control in both directions based on common operator policies is far from being reality today.


Hi Ram,

sorry, the link should also have have been in the original post. Here it is: http://www.ericsson.com/ericsson/corpinfo/publications/ericsson_business_review/pdf/209/209_BUSINESS_CASE_mobile_broadband.pdf


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