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Zahid Ghadialy

In pictures, you can see how Blackberry evolved in last 10 years here:


Your comparison is very interesting indeed. Especially when you compare the price for an Android phone now to a cheap phone then. You will see that in 10 years from now, IMHO sooner, smartphones with great internet and app capability will be available for a very low price.
And that will also lead to much greater availability of the internet in general and even computing devices in developing countries. The GSM mobile phones have brought long distant communication to literally billions of people, many of whom don't own a computer or have (private) internet access now.

The question is how fast and how cheap providers in developing nations will offer data plans. If the price will go down sooner, as in low prices within 5 compared to 15 years, Android will become a very dominant computing platform overall.

Everyone will be running it and everyone will write software for it. Even the bad guys. It will be the Windows mono culture security nightmare all over again.

If the switch takes longer other platforms will have time to establish themselves. Bada and Meego come to mind. Even Symbian, which ist still going very strong, alas weak on the app and internet aspects, could make a comeback if other phone makers pick it up again, because it is now free.

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