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For GPRS/3G packet, I think that was the intent by somewhat standardizing on the APN "internet" for Internet access. How many networks use that? I dont know. In theory, the GSMA just need to standardize on another APN for IMS....maybe "ims."


It can also depend on the SGSN vendor in question. Nowdays they have quite a lot of capabilities in selecting the APN based on user location, VPLMN allowed parameter, subscriber's home network and the user's allowed APN list. They can even try to "guess" what the user wanted if the user for example mistyped the APN.

But in the simplest case, the SGSN has a "default APN", which will be used in all cases when a DNS lookup fails for a user. Assuming of course that the user has the wildcard APN (APN=*) in his profile.

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