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do not forget about AlertSC message: it allows SMS to be delivered Directly after LA procedure Happends

David Boettger

The performance will be highly dependent on how the mobile leaves the network, i.e., gracefully or not. If you power your phone off or put it in airplane mode, it will de-register from the network. Then a power-on re-attach to the network should (and does, in my experience) result in almost immediate SMS delivery.

But if the mobile simply lost the network, then other variables -- like the SMSC's retry timer -- are in-play. If the phone didn't move much during the outage, then it probably won't perform a location update when it returns to service and it'll be dependent on the retry timer. But if it did move into a new LA, as denirz notes, you'll probably get the SMS right away pursuant to the LA update procedure.

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