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Hi Martin,

Interesting that you come back to that idea again! I remember that we had a discussion about it 2 years ago (13/11/2009). Honestly speaking, I see it very difficult from planning and optimisation point of view to have a unique GSM/GPRS/EDGE/R99/HSDPA/HSUPA/LTE network... Thus the idea of having separated networks with a kind of "double device" sounds good to me as I said earlier. I would even try to throw away 3G in the long run and keep only GSM and LTE even in separate networks.



Take a look at 3GPP features like CS fallback and ISR (Idle Mode Signaling Reduction). I think those will pretty much enable the functionality you are after.


Even if we have Dual Sim, is Dual transfer mode possible - Simultaneously accessing data and voice call from the same mobile.

Christophe M.

Hi Martin,
If i remember well, the first A835 from motorola had such a dual radio hardware. I already thought it as a good way of dealing with radio environment because you can more easily monitor both band. I believe that the same idea for LTE would be a good thing.

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