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IMHO the problem as described above (lack of cloud availability == no access to your data) is not with the "cloud" per se.

I'd like to point out the fundamental difference between using "the cloud" as "master" vs. "only" source of information.

"Cloud sync" services that only sync information between your devices (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud and even Google sync via Exchange) have the advantage that the information is *on all your device(s)* at any time (security matters aside). Of course, if the sync engine or DB gets corrupted, you may loose data anyway.

On the other hand, "Cloud only" services with the single purpose of delivering data in real time (e.g. Facebook stream, Twitter, Google+) depend more heavily on the availability of access (mobile broadband, server uptime).


True Words Christian...
Anyway i'm surprised to see that Martin is on Facebook! I wouldn't have thought so.. ;)

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