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Can you clarify a point please. You state that the PC was behind a wifi router. Was it NaTted? If so, then apparently even NATted PCs can be a relay node, contrary to generally believed model.


UPnP opens the ports as stated in the blog post. Otherwise, as you say, it would not work due to the NATing.



I didn't know this about Skype relaying over Wi-Fi connected notebook computers. I just assumed that it would "choose" hard wired devices due to latency issues. So what about smart phones with Skype Apps. also being relays?

My experience is that Skype is good with PC to PC connections (i.e. better/faster hardware), but not as good when using mobile devices with Skype applications. Recent mobile network call quality from Ireland (O2 GSM) to USA (T-Mobile GSM or UMA) was superior to Skype calls (Notebook PC Wi-Fi to N900 Wi-Fi). Maybe your example of call routing has something to do with it?

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