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dominic hayes

Interesting. I had noticed with my newer phone that the 3G chipset seemed more power efficient than my older devices, but even so I find the constant 2G/3G switching drains my battery more - therefore I tend to stick with 2G/EDGE. Besides, in the Brussels office where I work the 900MHz GSM signal penetrates the building better than 3G at 2100MHz. Once 3G becomes ubiquitous on 900MHz (or lower) 3G-only would become feasible.


That's pretty interesting. One thing though that I have experienced on French NW: when it gets congested, even though you set your phone to be 3G only you may get a redirection to 2G when trying to setup a connection. This is a quite strange behaviour isn't it? Just as if the NW didn't remember when trying to establish a call that you registered as a 3G only phone...

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