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Great phone, great memories and I still have it
Looking forward my future ultrabook in 2022


Windoze. yech. yes remember but it is nightmares of horrible SW.

Nicolas Turgeon

Interesting... imagine 2022 as Reda said! Just a detail Martin, but 40 times more is not 4 orders of magnitudes, that would be 10,000 times more :-) And while we're at picking on details, the display resolution, if you count the number of pixels, went from 176*208=36,608 pixels to 640*960=614,400, which is slightly more than one order of magnitude (but nowhere near 2!).


Hi Nicolas,

let's have a look at 4 orders of maginutude for the storage space: 4 MB + 1 magnitude = 40 MB + 1 magnitude = 400 MB + 1 magnitude = 4GB + 1 magnituede = 40GB. With 32 GB that's "almost 4 orders of magnitude as I said above, so I think that statement was correct.

Display resolution: I said "less than 1 order of magnitude", not 2 as you suggest, you must have skipped a line there.

So I stand to my original words :-)


dominic hayes

Size and weight are similar though! Seems we have not evolved as fast as our phones. Nice set of comparisons.

Nicolas Turgeon

Oops, I don't know where I took that 40 (it seemed clear at the time though!) :-) I must be confusing MB and GB!
As for the display resolution, I wasn't saying you said 2 :-) just that the *increase* was not quite 100-fold. Anyway, my bad for doubting you, that's why I'd written in the first place, it was just so unexpected that you could get that concept wrong :-)

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