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Thats a good review. I've been using this as my 2nd device for couple of months. At @ $180 this offers excellent value for money and works decent enough.


I do not quite like the potential consequences of the following:

"An incoming voice call on SIM2, however, interrupts the data session for the duration of the call as the mobile can only transmit in the uplink direction to one network at a time."

How about if the user is just about to almost complete a download of a ~1GB file and a SIM2 call comes in? I'm concerned about the possibility that the whole download is lost, if a partial download cannot be resumed afterwards.

How about if you are using the phone as a mobile WLAN AP and you are connected to the office through VPN AND THEN SIM2 call comes in an breaks the connection?

It would be nice, if the use would be offered a UI function that would allow disabling the SIM2 during such use cases.

How about the fact that it is quite frequent that the user wants to check something from the internet during the call?

In case of SIM2 voice call, this is not possible. Could be a surprise to the user.

Nikhil Borse

Dual sim Means We can receive a call from simcard 1 even if the call is going on in simcard 2..but this is not possible in android dual sim .I think this is not worth

Smartphone Comparison

Absolutely handy this dual sim feature. I think it was released in april or may of this year and I was hoping it would get Android 4.0 but I guess that’s not possible because of the single-core CPU (832 MHz).

There are 2 types namely the Galaxy Y 2 and the Galaxy Y Pro and they come with respectively 3.14 inch and 2.60 inch display screens. They are also not expensive which is also nice to hear.

More a budget smartphone with the unique feature of having 2 sims :-D.



while calling it not shows by which SIM.


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