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On the offline maps, you should look at osmand this is the Open Street Map application for android. Can do both online and offline maps, and in many places better maps than Google. Apple are copying this data.


Agree with you on those attention points. I think Google does not focus on an Android much, it's just a tool for them to promote their services.

I would give Nokia Lumia 800 a try, see what WP has to offer!


A tip regarding offline maps on Android - one of the best mapping apps that I've found (one of the best apps altogether IMO) is Locus maps http://www.locusmap.eu/ especially with the Map Tweak add-on. Worldwide offline OSM vector maps are available.
(no disclosure needed - I'm not related in any way to the developer)

I'm with you on the other points.


I don't know about the other points, but 9. definately looks like a patent issue. I guess it's hard to design a modern smartphone in todays patent minefields.


ad 3.) Only last week Google announced that they will soon enable offline-navigation for Google Maps on Android smartphones for 100 countries.

ad 7.) Have a look at the new Sony Xperia P - an aluminium unibody in a handy form factor, super bright high definition display, very good cameras and powerful specs at an affordable price of € ~350. It just lacks an ICS update.

ad 8.) The Xperia P at least supports quadband UMTS (850/900/1900/2100), unfortunately only with HSDPA category 10 (14 MBit/s). Are there actually any MIMO- and/or dual carrier-capable smartphones available?

Peter Sankauskas

You nailed it with this list, particularly the camera part. Manufactures need to focus on creating clear, crisp and focused images in a wide variety of scenes. Prefer decent image sensors over megapixels. If only Nokia went with Android, life would be a lot better.

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