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Interesting follow-up question from that. How about CSoverHSPA?

I know the bitrate doesn't change, but the air interface efficiency improves very significantly. How much cost savings (or additional capacity) would that bring to the operator, thus making voice so much more affordable as long as it's used within the operator's own network.


Don't understand your comment "But when looking at the calculations above that is not really the case." Is voice really cheaper than data?
Voice calls - 0.5 euros to 5.4 euros for 45Mbyte voice call
Data transfer - 0.2 euros for 45Mbytes of data.
It would be cheaper to transfer the "voice" data using the data tarrif plan!!


Hi, the point I am making in the post is that the pricing band of data vs. the pricing band of voice is very similar these days, no order of magnitude between them as is often suggested. Cheers, Martin

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