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The US has long gone its own way on spectrum matters or rather more specifically on the technology it chooses to use in particular spectrum. At least it follows the Radio Regulations and enshrines the decisions of World Radiocommunications Conferences into its rule books. But it could benefit itself and the rest of the world more by also fitting in with prevailing technology choices. Too much choice can be a bad thing and fragment the market. Multiple technologies and frequency bands in the same device also compromises performance to some degree as well.

The US has argued that its fragmented markets are still big enough to foster competition, but as the World rapidly catches up, overtakes and becomes increasingly mobile (in the literal sense), how long can this attitude continue I wonder?

A parallel could be drawn with how China is 'experimenting' with different mobile technologies. Those unique markets are also big enough to support healthy technology populations so long as they have no need to roam. Must make life for manufacturers (particularly foreign ones) very difficult, but maybe that is the idea.

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