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Have you tried the Swiftkey keyboard on Android, with prediction and correction?

Antoine RJ Wright

Don't Nokia and Samsung offer qwerty dual sim mobiles now? That would seem to be a solution, even if not a conventional "smartphone" one.


I also miss the hardware keyboard of my Motorola Milestone, but typing on my Sony Xperia P with its 4" screen is passable, especially since I've been using Swype. But on a 3.14" display like your Galaxy Y Duos 6102 has, I guess any input mode is a pain. Maybe your friend should have a look at its 4" successor called "Galaxy S Duos" which is around the corner: http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/31/samsung-galaxy-s-duos-details-make-the-rounds/
Unfortunately it once again supports only "Dual Standby".

By the way I'm relieved to see other people unintentionally proceeding to some sort of phonetic spelling (QUERTZ) which is totally illogical in this case as all the correct letters would have been in a row on your keyboard (except the last one if you use a German keyboard layout). I guess this is a result of very fast typing and some automatism fast typers develop. What also happens to me sometimes is typing a word with a completely different meaning that just starts with the same letters like the meant word or sounds similar. Obviously the human brain starts using some weird patterns that sometimes do not match your thoughts if you type too fast.

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