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I was wondering when this blog entry would finally turn up ;-) You're welcome for the tip. I'm enjoying my x121e as well- but on windows ;)

I personally quite dislike the small touchpad, but i'm getting used to it. It required to investigate the best driver though...

Breckenridge CO Realtor

I personally prefer Ubuntu in laptops and notbooks. It is very fast Operating system. Thanks for sharing nice stuff about the Ubuntu.


There seems to be widening gap between netbooks and typical mass market 15.6" laptops. It's hard to find a cheap 11-14" device these days (in the UK at least)

Stefan Constantinescu

How's the heat? I have an X100e that's a goddam stove top! The battery also, it's dead after "just" 2.5 years. It lasts less than 10 minutes on a full charge, and I'm not being hyperbolic.

I've been itching to replace it, but I'm thinking I should hold out until the iPad 4, or Microsoft Surface, or maybe I should even get a Chromebook?

Whatever, last week I was laid off so I should be happy that my main machine (17 inch MacBook Pro) is still going strong!


Hi Stefan,

Concerning heat, the X121e with the i3 processor gets warm but nothing out of the ordinary. Quite surprise me, I was expecting more heat than on my netbook but I dont see a big difference. Again a surprise that this i3 driven sub-notebook has now replaced my 17 inch Toshiba notebook with a Core Duo entierly as it works well even for DVD playback on a second screen. Not quite perfect I cant go full screen on the external full-hd screen, I get some ugly effects when the picture moves sideways but just sub-full screen works. Probably the Linux driver for the Intel graphics. As always its a compromise.

Oh, laid off!? But thats independent from your work at IntoMobile? In any case, not good, hope you find something new soon!


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