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As far as I know Korean operator KT is planning to switch off their 2G network and use their 1800 spectrum for LTE. This could be the reason why they push forward with VoLTE.
A note about handovers reminded me the presentation of Telefonica UK’s LTE trial which I saw here. http://3g4g.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/telefonica-uks-lte-small-cell-trials.html
On page 24 the report states that downlink interruption time was in the region of 45ms. It’s not VoLTE, but I think it gives some insight of what can be achieved.

Kevin Mitchell

It's not just QoS via RAN management, it's also about broader user experience. VoLTE is not an app you launch or need to know user names in a walled garden. VoLTE is phone number based and universally reachable

VoLTE will be supported at chip level in phones in future and aim to reduce power draw, helping with battery life.

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