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My experience as well. The problem is that WiFi usually provides a shoddy experience if it isn't managed by the person using it - be it at home or in the office.
Here are the reasons why I think Wi-Fi is broken at the moment: http://blogs.amdocs.com/voices/2012/07/12/to-wi-fi-or-not-to-wi-fi/

At the end of the day, Wi-Fi access will probably be a pai d service if you want a good experience.


10Mb/s down, 1Mbps up... To me it looks like the bottleneck is an ADSL line, not WIFI... With wifi, the downlink is hurt before the uplink in general.


I agree with your description of the common lack of quality to "free wifi".
However I think we need to make a differtiation between providing wifi for free or "not charging extra for wifi". It's only a perception issue but I object having to pay extra to use wifi in a hotel (or any other public venue) but I would not have an issue if a small increase in the room rate for isntance would guarantee a quality wifi service. Taking the avergae European hotel size of 96 rooms a 1 euro charge on all rooms would give the hotel between 50 - 75 euro *per day* to invest in a quality wifi service. That's a minumum of 18250 euro per year. More than enough for quality AP's and a big fat pipe.


Hi Evert,

now that is an interesting calculation, I never calculated it that way. 18k a year, that should very well pay for a fat pipe + installation costs + proper network management.


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