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coverage is amazing there. I remember taking the stairs in the hotel and a cable running down the stair well to provide indoor coverage.
and in the underground malls
and in the metro
and in the ...

WiBro is Korea WiMAX I believe and why your 3G would not pick up. Not sure if WiBro ever went anywhere big time. maybe they converted the WiMAX antennae to WiFi?

have fun there. great city


Hi Martin,
just 2 comments on your great article.

You wrote: "everything that does not move has several antennas on top or on the side." Even the moving things have several antennas.
I was surprised to get Wi-Fi on public city buses too!

KT Wibro (WIMAX) is still alive and it's working well, giving a superb high speed connectivity. I am frequently using a Wibro / Wi-fi converter when I'm in Korea.

Enjoy Korea!


Hi Martin

I agree coverage in Seuol is very good.
They use a lot of repeaters in Korea. It easily outnumbers the number base stations. I have heard numbers 5-10 times as many repeaters as base stations.


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