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Thanks for the comparisons Martin; as you say, interesting results. The RIM CEO was also recently talking about ending the need to carry a laptop to/from the office. As you've demonstrated, the way smartphone number crunching is heading, this is almost feasible now.

“Whenever you enter an office, you don’t have your laptop with you, you have your mobile computer power exactly here,” Mr. Heins said, patting a BlackBerry 10 phone sitting in a holster on his hip. “You will not carry a laptop within three to five years.”


Stefan Constantinescu

Been doing this for ages, welcome to the SunSpider cult!

If smartphones keep getting two times faster every year, but Intel chips get 10% faster year over year, smartphones will catch up to PCs in just three years.

Pretty insane.

Paul Kiciak

162.6ms,Macbook Pro Retina Display, Intel Core i7 CPU, 2,6 GHz, Safari 6.0.2, MacOS 10.8.2 (2012)

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