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Greg Beyer

Hi Martin,
Agreed, tablets are not for everybody. I recently bought a Mac Air 11" and unfortunately later learned it it restricted as to what apps you can run on it. For example iphone and ipad apps are generally not supported. I guess Apple wants one to buy more devices. So... i downloaded and Android emulator for my news readers and Kindle reader for ebooks. Life is good again.


The almost free-for-all approach to writing software for PC/MSDOS/Windows is surely one of the many reasons why PCs dominate so many offices around the globe, and I've always thought that freedom was a good thing. It's apparent that it's also a weakness with the proliferation of viruses etc.

Apple's walled garden approach I never liked, but there are benefits as Apple has more control over the quality of a product giving some stability, uniformity and relative confidence in the software - but I still don't like it.

Linux was a curious beast that you would think would end in anarchy, but it works thanks to its open nature. But its geeky origins seem to be difficult to shrug off.

With Android roots in Linux I had high hopes, but after buying a cheap Android 4.0 tablet and finding that it's not compatible with the Google Store I'm beginning to think a bit more control is needed. Too much choice can be just as bad as not enough - yes, there are alternative software sources, but I'm not happy with their offerings so far.

So, horror of horrors I'm on the verge of buying my first Apple device - even if it is for my techno-illiterate mother!

On the 3GSM front, I've been happily walled within RIM's data efficient garden for many years, and ironically, it allowed me to blog using banned Facebook from within China!


And I thought this was all about the money. Not bad to earn 30% of other people's work by restricting the market to my own shop ...

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