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The Quam story is still ongoing - the company is still in existance, and has recently been transfered internally within telefonica. The prospectus related to the recent flotation of "Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG" (see https://www.telefonica.de/page/17928/prospekt-download.html) has some interesting facts and figures about the Quam business.

I think Telefonica still manage to make significant tax savings from the losses generated by Quam, so the money lost 10 years ago isn't all wasted!


The problem with Quam and Mobilcom was that the financial backing had been withdrawn in the aftermath of the dot-com bubble which bursted only after the auction. By that time Mobilcom had already deployed 900 NodeBs throught Germany which were later sold to eplus in 2003.
Anyway I doubt these two carriers would have survived with just some 2100MHz spectrum and the run for mobile Internet commencing almost a decade later than originally anticipated.

The involved companies may still exist on paper an serve as shell corporation for whatever purpose, but their assets, i.e. the 3G licenses together with their spectrum, are definitely gone.

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