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But of course, the rules for LTE coverage of the high speed internet "white spots" before city coverage was allowed had a slightly strange side effect - all it took was one operator to cover a "white spot", and it was immediately checked off the list, and no one else needed to cover the same area.

Certain magenta and red operators spent huge sums of money covering the rural areas in order to trigger the "city coverage allowed" condition, but once this coverage condition was triggered, blue and green were allowed to use their frequencies in the cities too. They got a great deal out of this, they spent minimal sums in a few proof of concept areas, and could save their cash for the areas that really mattered!


Obviously you can not do all three points. If you compare with the Scandinavian countries e.g. Sweden where they decided not go the money part as they goverment have their finances in order you can get much better coverage and lower prices. Today they one of the operators claim to cover 99% of the population with 3G and 92% with LTE. From my perception not even pink or red are covering 92% with 3G in Germany...
And prices.. you get LTE 40 MBit/s with 10 GB for slightly more then 10€...

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