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fully agree. my new machine is all SSD. It is unbelievable how fast everythiing is. makes it very hard to go back to disk machines, even "fast" ones.


Yeah - installed OpenSuse via LTE 50 on an i5 / Samsung 830 notebook a while ago.

You don't see the "progress bar", because it downloads and installs so fast.


The downside: With SSD speed, annoying initialisation bugs (driver or HW) that slow down the boot process become much more obvious.
Examples: Windows boots incredibly fast, just to waste about 40 seconds with hourglass waiting for whatever to happen at the USB keyboard before it allows login.
Another box with Linux: multiple resets of the NIC due to interrupt initialisation errors slowing down the boot process.
But faster boot process also means faster debugging of boot issues, hopefully ;-)


Fortunately not happening with Ubuntu here and all OSes I run in virtual machines. Just fast :-)

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