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> Wi-Fi Direct is not specified by the IEEE

Isn't this just a new marketing term for the ad-hoc mode? It is part of IEEE 802.11 and is supported in WinXP, for example.


Hi Martin, I remember a conversation years ago with you about this and your take was that Bluetooth was far more power efficient and therefore would keep it's niche!

BTW My Nexus 7 won't connect to my N8's ad-hoc wifi network, apparantly Android does not support ad-hoc. So wi-fi direct is different - but what is it?

Arsham Hatambeiki

Good overview, then again one might argue app based interoperability has been proven as more sustainable as opposed to when limited to a predefined set of profiles. Also, there might be surprises coming to answer end2end compatibility on WiFi.


It's quite different from ad-hoc mode. I ran some traces with Wireshark and will present some technical details in a day or two.

Concerning the comment of power efficiency and niche: It would be very interesting if you could still remember when I made this comment. I think Bluetooth will keep its niche as there's not real alternative for it yet for wireless headsets for phone calls and MP3 and perhaps a few other things. But the niche seems to be getting smaller :-)

Thanks to all,

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