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Yes, nothing new here. On the contrary if you buy a new LTE phone or iPad - you will be normally supplied with necessary SIM card to be able to work with LTE.
Also iPhone 5 and 5s as well as iPad Air and other devices, have a new sim card standarts, like nano SIM, so you previous sim has to be changed anyway. It is not of a big deal in my opinion...


I somehow managed to keep a SIM on the go since 2005 or so, which was just before 3G SIMs were sold by my operator as standard - I recently got a company phone with LTE support, and after a few weeks of us got around to getting an LTE capable SIM so as to use the LTE network for data! - Although to be honest, the HSPA+ DC network was giving fast enough data rates, especially as the local LTE network is pretty full with all the other employees using the LTE network on their company phone too!

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