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I think a major further convincing advantage of the Fairphone is that it retains some well-proven (bewährt is the word I want to use) features in a modern smartphone package: replaceable battery, dual SIM, compatible with standard SIM format (i.e. not forced to use nano or micro), external SD card, and acceptable SAR level.

If the root/superuser access is true or easy, and if I had to buy an Android device right now, then the Fairphone would definitely make it at the top of my short list.


The fairphone sounds interesting. I'm really interested to see it being produced and in your(Martins) hands ;)
Hope you'll post a nice unboxing report when you receive it!

@e. Casais
i really enjoy mobile terminals with replacable battery and external sd cards. I cant understand apple, sony and htc to start and continueto fix batteries into the terminals housing... it leaves no freedom.

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