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Being someone who is really interested in privacy i am actually happy that these information is leaked.

Remember the time when the NSA scandal took off in june 2013?

It was not a major issue to our german top-politicians until it became clear that Angela Merkels phone was also spied on by NSA.

After that it became a big pain point.

(it also showed that spying on citizens is okay, but spying on members of the government... no way! because they are simply more equal...)

Now that Erdogans and that one US Diplomats calls were leaked it maybe is something like a wake up call.

The more politicians are shown that mass surveillance breaks human rights and makes every human beings right for privacy, they might consider its the wrong thing.

I still have some hope that in 10 years we will have a better society, but the constant insistance by politicains on Network Filters (of course only for really really bad and illegal activity like terrorism or child pornography!!!!!111 and not for unwanted but legal websites of online gambling or other political views!! ) makes me fear that they still dont understand the issue....

I understand that the internet should somehow be not its own world without any rules or laws.
But the way of enforcing shuold not be mass surveillance and network filtering where no independent instance checks the legalness of filtering...

I guess you could discuss this topic for days without moving forward ;-)

Coming back to your post: The Problem with end2end encryption for phone calls is always the simplicity.

Like you have already pointed out in your postings about email encryption: if you lack friends and relatives who are not as paranoid as we are, you simply can forget about it.

Its also with privacy... see facebook. Simply by people that know you and upload their addresbook/phonebook to facebook they already know you and your social network without the need that you sign up to their service personally...

so.. i'm stopping now...


Well, and even if, some day, everyone uses e2e encryption, we'll realise that the attacker is already *inside* the phone. Who writes the phone OS? And who else can plant an additional trojan into it, if he's not already controlling the phone OS vendor?

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