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Interesting. Asia, operators still want an arm & leg if one want to use roaming.
It can be anywhere between $1 to $4 per voice min; $$12-$16 daily unlimited data.

So the first thing I do is simply turn off roaming/phone and queue up to buy local sim card in the visiting country.


Three (UK) are offering no roaming charges in 16 destinations (for free! as a way to distinguish themselves from the larger operators).



In Belgium, BASE has a number of EU tariffs. http://www.base.be/en/mobile/monthly-plans/b-europe.html
Not as attractive as the German offer, but it's a start.
I'm still on a Blackberry all you can eat (within reason) worldwide data roaming package on UK's O2 network. I've not found anything to compete with it yet. It's about 45€/mth on top of my regular Blackberry tariff.


In Italy, Wind have some interesting offers. A friend has this and is happy with it. http://www.wind.it/it/privati/tariffe_e_opzioni/privatiestero/dallestero/chiamate_messaggi_e_internet/all_inclusive_travel/

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